The proofs for the Unified-Physics paradigm become increasingly numerous


One further, very strong proof of the reality of the “Shield of Life” in the terrestrial tropopause becomes announced during the American Geophysical Union’s 46th annual Fall Meeting (San Francisco, 9-13 December 2013).

For further proofs consult directly the Naturics Hot News.

Deep life of ancient microbes

Several kilometers under our feet move and prosper puzzling living beings. Where the loose earth has given way to hard rock, microbes prosper. Enclosed in the hot depth rock the beings tap some unknown energy source to survive, with which they live since primeval times very well. Now a genotype analysis reveals that the creatures in the whole world are alike. Researchers have examined the genotype of the underground microbes from different world regions - and have made an astonishing discovery: 13 of the living beings are alike no matter whether they live under South Africa, Indonesia or in the ground of the Pacific. However, how is the close relationship about distances from up to 16,000 kilometers to be explained where the microbes move in their life hardly from the place? Nobody can explain how they outlast in the depth. Scientists on the AGU conference speculate that the beings have developed in the early time of the Earth at a common place and were distributed in the course of the annual milliards with the drift of the continents in all world. Therefore, the depth creatures could be the prototype of the life on the Earth.

Our Unified Physics explanation is clear now. The “Shield of Life” has been present in the Earth's tropopause since the Earth's formation. The most primitive “units” of life, originating in this layer of the terrestrial atmosphere all the time (independent of the actual constitution of the atmosphere) had rained onto the Earth's icy surface and had been included into the rocks sinking next into depth during various tectonic movements. They gave not directly any “active” help for all higher developed forms of life, but they can be indeed considered to be the “passive” remnants of the primordial phase of the life evolution.

10. Increasingly numerous observational proofs
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