A new-paradigm physical guide for the Unified Medicine and the Unified Psychology


The article is meant to be a comment on two books summarizing our knowledge in medicine and psychology at the boundary between the old and new paradigm in science.

The book by James L. Oschman („Energy Medicine; The Scientific Basis“; Elsevier Limited 2000; ISBN: 978-0-443-06261-2) summarizes our knowledge about healing methods and processes from the beginning of the energetic treatment, through the energy fields of life, acupuncture, biofrequencies and related electromagnetic therapies up to the question: „Is the energy medicine the medicine of the future?“.

The book by Ewa Danuta Bialek („A Quantum Man; Building the basis for the unified treatment of the human health and education“; available in Polish as „Czlowiek kwantowy“; printed by Instytut Psychosyntezy; Warsaw, 2012; ISBN:978-83-63428-01-3) summarizes our knowledge on the field of the psychological and educational methods and tasks from the theory of evolution of a human being, through the different treatments of our consciousness, spiritual dimension of a man, up to the holistic treatment of a human being and its environment in education and medicine, also ending with a vision for the 21st century.

The pdf-format of this article can be downloaded here.

5. No Evolution in Science without a Revolution in our Vision of the World

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