The temporal concentration of the biggest glaciations of the Earth, some of which had extended to the equator, reflects an exceptional period in the Earth’s history.

The name “Cryogenian Period” was ratified in 1990 by the International Commission on Stratigraphy for the geologic period that lasted from 850 to 635 million years ago. In contrast to most other time periods of the Earth's history, the beginning of the Cryogenian Period could not be linked to a globally observable and documented event. There is no consensus on what global event is a suitable candidate to mark the start of the Cryogenian Period.

In the present article I am going to propose an independent explanation for the theoretical origin of the Cryogenian Period, an explanation being obviously linked to a globally observable and well documented event of the Earth's history. This explanation is based on the Cosmic Hierarchy of our Solar System.

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18. Theoretical origin of the Cryogenian Period in Earth history

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